Diverse learners swan room

​Well what an exciting fortnight our class has had!  Our students have been busy completing end of term assesments and activities for Father Day. 

​Mr O’Keefe orginised to do some wood work with our talented students - they are currently working on an exciting project in Manual Arts. 

Last Friday we were fortunate to be invited to go on the ‘Sailors with Disabilities’ excursion at the Mackay Harbour.  We had a spectacular day, the students had the opportunity to sail on the maxiyacht “Wind of Joy” which has participated in the Sydney to Hobart yacht races many times.  The students took turns steering the yacht, helping with the sails, relaxing on deck as well as seeing a spectacular show in the distance - whales breeching out of the water.  A big thank you to Mrs Durnsford and  Miss Jaz (Travis’ mum).

Last updated 17 October 2018
Last reviewed 17 October 2018